Mr Luke HAWKINS  State Registered Chiropodist.

Mr Hawkins undertakes Chiropody Services at Goodwood Court Medical Centre

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Home visits are available

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01273-770822 (alternative:0844 477 0925)

Monday to Friday 0800-1730

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive health service for all conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.

“The function of the toes, especially the big toe, is to help us balance, and to propel us forward during walking or running. The 14 bones of the toes are among the smallest in the body, and, not surprisingly, things can and often do go wrong. Some problems begin in childhood and may go unnoticed. Others begin later on in life, perhaps as the result of injury or the added pressure of incorrect footwear.” The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Treatments Offered
As a State Registered Chiropodist, I can offer you treatment for a wide range of conditions; from corns and verrucas, to management of sports injuries.

General Foot Care
Nail Cutting Service
Corrective Nail Surgery
Prescription of Insoles and Foot Orthotics
Preventative care for children
Each patient will be given an individual treatment plan based on thorough assessment.

The Chiropody and Podiatry Team
Luke qualified in Chiropody and has worked for a number of years in the Eastbourne area.