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Goodwood Court Dental Surgery.

Dr. Ianne Loubser, principal, has been in full time practice for 18 years.  She qualified at the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1990.  She specialises in preventative dentistry, root canal treatment and crown- and bridgework

This is a predominantly independent practice.  The practice has a restricted number of NHS patients.

Approach:  Dr. Loubser takes great pride in her work and has a unique approach to resolving individual patients’ dental problems.   Upon initial consultation, an assessment is done.  This is followed by a detailed explanation to ensure that you, the patient, is fully aware of the prognosis and diagnosis.   A treatment plan is discussed.  With her guidance, choices are given with the emphasis on prioritisation.

Planning:  Some treatments, depending on the prognosis, can be planned over a period of weeks, months or even years.  This approach is advantageous to the healing process and tailored to the individual’s circumstances.

Preventative dentistry:  This includes the care of the periodontium (gums and bone) and dental caries (fillings).  Crown – and bridgework needs to be placed on a base of supporting tissue.  She has always believed in the famous motto that prevention is better than cure.  Without the periodontium being in good health, the roots and teeth (dentition) cannot be supported.

Pain during treatment:  There is absolutely no reason that any patient should experience pain during dental treatment.  Should there be another reason for discomfort, an alternative option will be sought.

Sterilisation:  It is standard procedure within the practice to have three different types of sterilisation. 

Sedation:  It is the policy of this practice to not hesitate to refer a patient for further investigation or even sedation should specialist attention be required.

After-care:  This is an integral, if not essential, part of the treatment.  After-care includes the explanation of how to brush, which floss is appropriate or in some cases which oral-jet to use.  It is of no use to retain teeth unless we are able to maintain them.

Staff immunisation:  All members of staff are regularly monitored and vaccinations against Hepatitis B, etc. are regularly updated.  This is a further assurance that cleanliness and a virus-free environment is highly regarded and maintained.  All members of staff are highly educated and take pride in their positions.

Surgery hours:     08H00   to   16H30  Mondays to Thursdays       TELEPHONE 01273 770302

Reception hours:           08H00   to   13H00  Mondays to Thursdays

Should you need to call to schedule an appointment or make an enquiry please feel free to call reception on 01273-770302 between 08H00 and 13H00 Mondays to Thursdays.

Reminders and confirmations:  Patients will be reminded by reception of the upcoming appointment or changes made to scheduled appointments should this be required.

Should the dentist be delayed: Patients will be notified by telephone. We pride ourselves on being punctual.

Surgery location:  We are located within the Goodwood Court Medical Practice.  We have our own reception area where patients can relax whilst listening to music prior to treatment

We look forward to meeting you.

Dr Ianne Loubser, Mrs. Simone Wells (Receptionist) and Miss Hanna Kukula (Dental Nurse)